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Installation of the Equipment and Testing

Installation of the Equipment and Testing

Supervision of installation is as important as selection of the equipment / machinery. If theinstallation is not proper, then further function will be suffered and as a result output is less.

We give equal importance for installation and testing of the same.

Our services will be as follow.

  • Required base will be check in the unit before anydelivery of the equipment. Proper design is to bechecked like power, water, drainage and otherrequired utility service.
  • The items are to be checked for brakeage andweather it is as per order given or not at the time oftaking delivery.
  • During installation our staff will be checked all thenecessary things for proper installation.
  • Also we check all necessary parameters for testing of the equipment / machinery forgetting maximum output.
  • Also we see that necessary training for the staff from the supplier.
  • Also we see necessary documentation for related equipment / machinery like list ofspare, Drawings; maintenance manual etc. should be delivering with the equipment/machinery